Here are a few of our recent projects

Long Term Disaster Recovery

Since 2017, we have been working with community leaders, government agencies and Long Term Recovery Committees (LTRC) in the region to identify unmet needs and help fill gaps in capacity and expertise needed to recover from devastating floods. With funding and support from the Center for Disaster Philanthropy and our "flood buddies" in Louisa County, Iowa, we are helping struggling rural communities across the Ozarks to survive and thrive, as they continue to find their new normal after the disaster.


This project, funded by the Center for Disaster Philanthropy’s Midwest Early Recovery Fund, supported individual and community recovery in Van Buren, Missouri and enabled Ozark Vitality to:

  • Identify unmet needs that were not being addressed by other disaster recovery programs or agencies

  • Help secure $350,000 in additional grant funding for other organizations, to build capacity for long term recovery in Carter and Ripley Counties

  • Begin engaging the Van Buren community to find their “new normal” after the 2017 flood


Creative Placemaking

Riverside Art Guild

The mission of the Riverside Art Guild is to showcase local talent, build appreciation for the Arts and beautify the community. We offer opportunities for amateur and professional artists and supporters of the Arts to learn about art and meet new people who also have a passion for the arts. Find us on Facebook.

Art Camp for Young People


Ages 7-11 will explore the art of different cultures, create mandalas and do yarn paintings in addition to other fun and exciting projects. Ages 12 & up will paint with style & emotion, varying techniques and subjects. They will also create amazing art out of unwanted items.


Ozark Artisan Innovation Hub

We are working to build a regional network of individuals and resources to help artists, craft makers and innovators in the Ozarks succeed as entrepreneurs. We began this journey with a research project, funded by Delta Regional Authority (DRA), to help us better understand how to make this happen for our region.