Ozark Artisan Innovation Hub
Research Findings

We are working to build a regional network of individuals and resources to help artists, craft makers and innovators in the Ozarks succeed as entrepreneurs. The journey began with a research project, funded by Delta Regional Authority (DRA), to help us better understand how to make this happen for our region. Review the research findings...

Summary of research findings and next steps

Summary of key findings from the Ozark Artisan Innovation Hub research project, including research and analysis completed by Southeast Missouri State University, Ozark Vitality, and University of Missouri Extension. Includes summary of next steps for research still in progress.

feasibility study report by southeast missouri state university

In-depth feasibility study that identified  key opportunities to pursue in the region, and concluded "The Ozark Artisan Innovation Hub is a visionary project for the economic revitalization of the eastern Ozarks...[and] an excellent example of asset-­based community development." 

artisan Wood products opportunity report by university of missouri extension

Preliminary report prepared by Dr. Van Ayers of University of Missouri Extension, in which he identified opportunities for further research in the development of a new market for specialty Ozark woods and wood products in the eastern Ozarks.