My Ozarks Documentary Film Series

My Ozarks is a collection of short, intimate portraits of real people, places and experiences in the Ozarks. Our goal is to increase interest in the Ozarks and help generate economic opportunities for artisans and entrepreneurs across the region, helping rural artists and innovators earn a living without leaving the communities they love.

Episode 3: Bill

A film by Quinsonta Boyd and Sean Loftin

Meet Bill Moriarty, retired U.S. Marine and VFW Service officer who works to make sure those who have made sacrifices for our country are not forgotten. Learn how he reconstructed the story of a young man from the Ozarks who died in Vietnam over 50 years ago, and helped bring together those he left behind to honor his memory.

Episode 1: Jerica

A film by Ian McGee

Meet Jerica, a 15-year-old girl who gigs for suckers on the Current River with her dad, a tradition passed down for generations. She embraces the temporary reprieve from cell phone service and social media to connect with people in real life.

Episode 2: Camden

A film by Quinsonta Boyd and Sean Loftin

The story of the 2017 floods and what makes it worthwhile to stay and rebuild, from the perspective of a 6-year-old boy helping his mother, grandmother and great-grandmother rebuild their homes and their lives in Van Buren, Missouri.


Ozark Tourism Expansion Project

This project is using digital media to introduce those outside the area to the many natural and cultural experiences, and unique artisan products, available in the Ozarks. Our goal is to to expand the tourism economy year-round and help build economic resilience for small towns hit by major flooding in 2017.

Photo: Sean Loftin

Photo: Sean Loftin

This project will enable Ozark Vitality to bring accomplished filmmakers into the southeast Missouri Ozarks, as part of an artist-in-residence program, to develop high quality short documentary films for the My Ozarks documentary film series. The videos in this series will generate economic opportunities for artisans and local businesses across the region by expanding the limited tourism season, by time and variety of activities, and expanding the markets for artisan goods and cultural experiences available to tourists when they come to the area. Each film we produce will also be an opportunity to engage and develop local creatives to help build the area’s capabilities and reputation for high quality Digital Media production.